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Arrival for your appointment

 Upon your arrival at the VMC for a scheduled appointment, please check in with the small animal receptionists. Please let them know if you require assistance with your pet. The receptionists will obtain any additional information that may be required of you and they will let us know that you have arrived.

Once your check-in is complete, you will be directed to the waiting area. A senior veterinary student will meet you in the waiting room and take you to one of the available examination rooms. He or she will obtain a complete history of your pet and perform a thorough physical  and orthopedic or neurologic examination.
While you wait, the senior student will review and discuss your pet with a clinician, who will then re-examine your pet in the exam room. Once your pet has been examined, the clinician will discuss possible causes of your pet's condition and additional diagnostics may be recommended. Diagnostic tests are usually performed in the afternoon of the day of your appointment, although all testing may not be able to be completed the same day and diagnostic workup may have to be completed the following day. If surgery is indicated, it can often be scheduled for the following day and your pet would typically spend that evening in the hospital.
Regardless of whether surgery is performed, we will be in contact with your local veterinarian to inform him or her about our findings and recommendations. In some cases, follow-up care can be performed with your local veterinarian.


Role of students in your pet’s care:
Under the direct guidance of faculty/clinicians, senior veterinary medical students assist with the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Each student is closely supervised by a veterinarian in order to ensure that the student receives proper training and to provide the best possible care to patients.
Animals who come to our medical center are valued patients and our students are attentive, compassionate caregivers. In addition to the long-term benefits of our teaching mission, the combination of highly trained veterinary specialists and senior students provides patients and their client-owners with the immediate benefit of extra attention and round-the-clock care.


Viewing Xrays