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Soft Tissue Surgery

The Iowa State University Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center offers a state-of-the-art soft tissue surgical service for small animals. ACVS board-certified surgeons and surgical residents provide expertise, diagnostics and treatment recommendations for your pet. With outstanding support staff and advanced imaging including MRI, CT, digital radiography and fluoroscopy, comprehensive care combined with the latest surgical procedures can be performed.

We adopt an integrative approach with department specialties to handle both routine and complex cases. Surgical procedures performed include, but not limited, to the following:

·       Advanced wound care and reconstructive surgery

o   Cleft palate reconstruction

o   Oral & maxillofacial reconstruction

o   Vacuum-assisted wound closure (VAC) techniques

o   Skin grafts

·       Cardiothoracic surgery

o   Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) ligation

o   Persistent right aortic arch (PRAA) division

·       Gastrointestinal surgery

o   Gastric dilatation/volvulus

o   Gastric and intestinal foreign bodies & masses

o   Porto-systemic shunt (PSS) attenuation

o   Cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal)

o   Cholecystoenterostomy

o   Subtotal colectomy (for feline megacolon)

o   Anal sacculectomy

·       Hemolymphatic surgery

o   Splenectomy

o   Lymph node excision

o   Chylothorax procedures

·       Hernia repair

o   Perineal hernia repair

o   Diaphragmatic hernia repair

o   Traumatic body wall hernia repair

·       Laser surgery

·       Minimally invasive surgery

o   Thoracoscopy – pericardectomy, lung lobectomy

o   Laparoscopy – gastropexy, biopsies, ovariectomy, cryptorchidectomy

o   Tracheal, urethral and ureteral stent placement

·       Oncologic surgery

o   Mass excision & reconstruction

o   Advanced endocrine surgery

·       Respiratory tract surgery

o   Brachycephalic airway syndrome

o   Laryngeal paralysis

o   Collapsing trachea

o   Tracheal resection

o   Lung lobectomy

·       Urogenital

o   Kidney, bladder and urethral stones

o   Ectopic ureters

o   Hydraulic urethral sphincter implantation for urinary incontinence

Dog's small intestine
A portion of a dog's small intestine with a foreign body that required surgical removal.


Dog pda
Intraoperative image of a dog about to have his PDA ligated.