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Preparing for your visit


As you prepare to bring your pet to the medical center, the following are some good guidelines to follow:
  • As a general rule, please do not feed your companion animal for 12 hours prior to the appointment - unless it has diabetes or is a very young or small animal. This is important as blood work and radiographic imaging typically need to be performed on a fasted patient. Please consult a receptionist if you have any questions regarding fasting your pet.
  • Do not restrict water, as we do not want your companion animal to become dehydrated.
  • When scheduling an appointment, please tell the receptionist about any medications that your companion animal is taking - some medications may need to be discontinued prior to your appointment
  • Please make sure that you bring all of your pet’s medications and special diets with you. It is also very helpful for you to bring all results of previously performed diagnostic tests such as laboratory work and radiographs if your regular veterinarian has given you copies. If you have any further questions regarding your pet's preparation, please consult your regular veterinarian or one of our surgeons.
  • Be prepared to leave your pet. We typically perform needed pre-operative diagnostics on the day of your appointment and perform surgery the following day or when diagnostic tests ahve been completed.
  • If for any reason you are detained or unable to meet the prearranged appointment, please call 515-294-4900 to cancel or reschedule as soon as possible.