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Points of Pride

International Leadership in Veterinary Microbiology & Public Health

Partnerships to Improve Animal Biologics

Dr. James A. Roth is an immunologist who works on numerous fronts to improve the availability and use of biologics for animal health needs worldwide. In addition to his teaching and a very active research program, Dr. Roth serves as the Executive Director of the Institute for International Cooperation in Animal Biologics (IICAB).

IICAB is a jointly organized USDA – ISU institute that offers training, education, and other assistance to countries as they work to obtain veterinary biologics for animal health needs. As an international resource, IICAB works with the veterinary biologics industry, government regulatory and research agencies, universities, veterinarians and producers worldwide.

Under Dr. Roth’s leadership, the IICAB received designation in June 1998 as a component of the OIE Collaborating Centre for the Diagnosis of Animal Diseases and Vaccine Evaluation in the Americas. The designation is shared with the USDA APHIS National Veterinary Services Laboratories and Center for Veterinary Biologics - Laboratory in Ames. ISU is the only veterinary college in this hemisphere to have designation as an OIE Collaborating Centre.

To recognize the impact of his contributions to international veterinary medicine, the AVMA selected Dr. Roth as the 2001 recipient of the International Veterinary Congress Prize.