Health Assurance Testing Services (HATS)

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The ISU VDL Health Assurance Testing Services (HATS) laboratory provides real-time production animal health monitoring for boar studs, swine breeding herd pyramids, and downstream production flows. The HATS lab offers same day testing for PRRSV, PEDV and PDCoV by real-time PCR. All samples submitted to HATS must be from farm sites which are confirmed PRRSV negative.

Benefits of testing performed at the HATS laboratory:

  • Same day results with extended hours: The HATS lab offers real-time PCR testing Monday through Saturday with two submission receipt cut-offs and results each day (see table).
  • Same day retesting: Any samples which yield a positive or suspect result are retested same day via a rigorous retesting policy.
  • Negative flow laboratory: The HATS lab performs testing on expected negative samples. All samples submitted need to have expected negative status for PRRSV. Additionally, samples submitted for PEDV and/or PDCV need to be expected negative for the respective agent(s) being tested for. The facility is physically isolated from routine PRRSV testing and takes great measures to minimize potential cross-contamination from positive samples or the environment.
  • Close cooperation with other sections in the ISU VDL: The HATS lab works closely with all ISU VDL sections and efficiently transfers samples if additional testing is requested.

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