Biosecurity Station

ISU VDL has installed a drive-up mailbox (containing disposable biosecurity packets) and a roadside trash container which collectively serve to provide VDL clientele a convenient resource to further reduce biosecurity risks and/or concerns associated with dropping-off diagnostic specimens at the VDL.

Step 1. Pick-up biosecurity packet from roadside mailbox at the Entrance to VDL Submissions Parking Area
            * Contents of packet (sealed plastic bag containing Tyvek booties, latex gloves, and a hand wipe)
            * The instructions outlined below are printed onto a label affixed to the biosecurity packets.

biosecurity mailbox at ISU VDLbiosecurity packets at ISU VDL

Step 2. Put on booties and gloves as you prepare to get out of your vehicle.

Step 3. Check-in and/or drop-off samples at the VDL Submissions Entrance Foyer

Step 4. Remove and place the used booties, gloves, and hand-wipe back into the plastic bag as you prepare to re-enter your vehicle.  Re-seal plastic bag.

Step 5.  Deposit used biosecurity packet into the roadside trash container as you exit VDL Submissions Parking Area.

* Hand sanitizer dispenser is also now available in the VDL Submission Entrance Foyer.

We trust these additional resources will serve as a useful complement to your current biosecurity practices.

Please don’t hesitate to call (515-294-1950) or e-mail ISU VDL (attention Dr. Katie Woodard, Client Education & Outreach, should you have any questions.