Diseases Associated with Hemorrhage in Intestine*

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 Disease Ileal lesions Severity of lesions in cecum/colon  Enlargement of ileocecal nodes Other features that may occur and comments
Salmonellosis Mild  +++  +++ Pneumonia, hepatic foci, rectal stricture.
Swine dysentery Usually absent  ++  ++ Mucohemorrhagic feces common.
Ileitis Proliferative, hemorrhagic or necrotic


Lesions can be restricted to proximal cecum/colon

 +++ Ileum often rigid and hose-like. Cases often sporadic in herd.
Hemorrhagic bowel syndrome (HBS) Transmural congestion of intestine with unclotted blood in lumen Colon may have blood contents Sometimes edema in lymph nodes Cause unknown; must be differentiated from intestinal volvulus.
Gastric ulcers Dark, tarry blood in intestine or colon No mucosal lesions in intestine or colon Lymph nodes normal Hemorrhage may be intermittent, therefore blood may not be present in stomach. One must examine the pars oesophagea for ulceration.

*  These diseases usually are seen in grower pigs. Other enteric diseases occur but usually are in younger, smaller pigs.
++ = Mild
+++ = Marked