Fall 2020


Hello to our loyal clients and friends

I hope that the weather is treating you well. Iowa always manages to give us a few surprises, such as the August Derecho (“land hurricane”). I hope I never need to deal with one of those again, but I can assure you that if I do, I couldn’t ask for a better crew around me than the doctors and staff at the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center. Although we didn’t know what was happening, when we heard the alarm everyone worked seamlessly to rapidly collect owners and animals from outside and place them in safety in interior spaces. Of course, this was all done with physical distancing and providing masks to maintain our COVID-19 mitigation procedures. Although we lost power, our generators came on, and the patients were all examined and taken care of appropriately. The health and safety of our patients and their owners was our first priority.

Stepping Up

VDL serology testing

Deep in the bowels of the College of Veterinary Medicine is a new lab. But don’t let its location fool you. This may be the most important lab right now on Iowa State University campus.

The new facility (Public Health Testing Services) was created by the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory under the direction of Dr. Rodger Main in response to COVID-19. Early in the pandemic, the VDL worked closely with the State Hygienic Lab at the University of Iowa in helping that facility meet the crush of testing requirements in Iowa.

A Fund for Annie and Lily

Australian shepherd exam

If either Annie or Lily develop a medical issue, Bruce and Marcia Quinnell know exactly where they will take their Australian Shepherds.

The Hixson-Lied Small Animal Hospital in the College of Veterinary Medicine has become the Kansas City-area couple’s go-to spot for their pets.

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