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Teaching Hospitals Benefit More Than Students

Dr. Stephanie West

Veterinary medicine is a rapidly changing field and the knowledge that was state-of-the-art yesterday is outdated today. The incredible pace, energy, and innovation at top teaching hospitals cannot be overstated. This is where new techniques and medical advances occur; and we are one of only 28 veterinary teaching hospitals in the entire country. Learning and discovery are daily occurrences at Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center, and our patients benefit from true, leading-edge healthcare. So how does this happen?

First, the ISU College of Veterinary Medicine is incredibly selective for our first-year class starting every August. Only 135 students will matriculate from an exceptional pool of nearly 2,000 applicants. These students will spend the next three years working with faculty researchers and top veterinary practitioners to understand animal anatomy and physiology as well as medical and surgical techniques. As these veterinarians-in-training move into their clinical year, their exposure to patients grows under the watchful eyes of those accomplished faculty leaders, but also a team of 45 house officers.

Our house officer team of clinical veterinarians includes 30 heavily recruited residents and 15 specially selected interns who provide the true bridge between the classroom and the examination room under supervision of our world-renowned faculty. The interns are early-career veterinarians seeking the rigorous post-doctoral training program of a veterinary teaching hospital. The residents are practicing veterinarians who are honing their specializations in areas such as ophthalmology, oncology or surgery by devoting three years to becoming the very best at the care they give and preparing for an intensive specialty examination. Each and every student benefits from this network of experts as they work to provide your animals with unsurpassed medical attention and care.

Iowa State continues to embrace “Science with Practice”, and nowhere is this more evident than at the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center. Advances discovered today literally can be put into practice tomorrow, and these breakthroughs will protect and save more animals in homes and on farms with each graduating class joining practices throughout Iowa, the Midwest and America.

Your patronage as a client is vital to the efforts of our teaching hospital. Your donations to develop and empower our students, house officers and faculty also improve and save lives. Thank you for your continuing support!

Stephanie West, D.V.M.
Director of Hospital Operations

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