Bile acid Dysmetabolism in cats with chronic enteropathy

Area of Study: 
Internal Medicine

Purpose of Study: 

Microbial imbalances and disturbances in BA metabolism are linked in humans and dogs with chronic GI disease.

We hypothesize that bacterial imbalances and abnormal BA profiles will also be observed in cats with chronic GI signs. 

The purpose of this study is to investigate serum and fecal bile acid (BA) profiles and their effects on gut bacteria in cats with chronic gastrointestinal (GI) disease.

We want to investigate whether abnormal levels of BAs in the blood and stool are seen in cats with GI disease and whether treatment for their disorder will

reduce GI signs and normalize gut bacteria and BA levels in their body.


Cats with over three weeks diarrhea, vomiting, decrease appetite, and/or weight loss symptoms.

Client Responsibilities: 

If you agree to have your animal participate in this study, the participation will require two visits to the hospital (on average 2 weeks apart) 

During the study, we will have blood and stool collection as part of your pet’s normal diagnostic workup for their chronic GI disease.

Additionally, we would like to follow your pet ‘s health condition via a brief quality of life questionnaire monthly up to 6 months.

Client Benefits: 

There is no cost to you for your animal's participation in this study.

You will be responsible for any costs associated with the normal course of treatment, the treatment of any complications that may arise, and unrelated medical conditions.

You will not be compensated for your animal’s participation in this study.

We genuinely appreciate your dedication in helping future veterinary medicine by providing useful information concerning the best treatments for cats with chronic GI disease.


You are encouraged to ask questions at any time during this study.

For further information about the study, contact Dr. Al Jergens at 515-294-4900