Histopathology & Necropsy

Research Comparative Pathology

Scheduling Research Projects

Please schedule all research projects with the laboratory manager as soon as possible. Generally a minimum of 2-week notice is required.

A completed Research Agreement Form should be submitted at the time you are scheduling your project. A list of tests requested, frequency of sampling, billing information and other pertinent information is needed at that time (Research Submission Form).

A current list of available tests and their charges can be obtained by calling the Histopathology Lab at 294-4188.

If a researcher is using the departmental facilities, training, knowledge of policies, and complete documentation will be required of all individuals.  Please contact us regarding policies. Also, this link is to our policy on Transfer and Disposition of Materials.

If any of the data derived from testing will be submitted for safety or efficacy to FDA, CVB, EPA, NCI or another federal agency, you are required to notify us of the agency and present the applicable regulations to our laboratory.

Access to Histopathology Report

Immunohistochemical Requirements

*Sections prepared in other labs for staining here should be cut at 3-4 µm and mounted on poly-l-lysine (Sigma P1524) treated slides. Sections should be dried overnight in an oven at less than 60 degrees C. It is advisable to submit extra slides as several dilutions may be necessary to achieve optimal results.