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Companion Animal Fund




If you're a person who loves animals, you know it's an endless joy to be with them. They love us, forgive us, trust us, and enrich our lives in so many ways.

And like people, our companion animals can suffer from a variety of health problems. At the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center, we strive to provide animals with the best that veterinary medicine has to offer.

Fortunately, hundreds of animal lovers have helped us improve animal health through the Companion Animal Fund.

The Companion Animal Fund provides a way for you to honor a beloved pet or pet lover, show support for a grieving friend, and improve the health of thousands more companion animals.

All gifts, great and small, go directly to support improvements in animal health care. These include the purchase of high-tech instruments that make treatments less invasive, physical improvements that add comfort to patients, and research to provide new solutions for the diseases and disorders that afflict our animal friends.

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