Computer Information

Here at the College of Veterinary Medicine, we have broken the mold of traditional learning tools. Educational technologies have redefined the architecture of the traditional classroom. Mounted plasma projection screens replace chalkboards, laptops, and tablet computers replace paper and pen, computer simulations and PowerPoint presentations complement textbooks and lectures, and realistic mannequin dog serve as models that allow students to practice resuscitating and anesthetizing animals.

Incoming freshman each purchase a tablet PC, allowing them to take notes directly into their computer during class. This also allows students to use a "virtual microscope" to review histology slides; anywhere, anytime. Students are no longer tied to the laboratory and microscopes to view slides. Learn more...

  • Apresio classroom capture equipment
  • All classrooms are geared for wireless access
  • Computer-simulated "virtual dog" as a teaching tool
  • Classroom plasma display screens
  • Virtual microscopes
  • Classroom response systems. Instructors can receive immediate feedback about how well students are understanding materials covered in lectures and discussions.
  • Interactive digital video

Although technology has greatly enhanced learning, it does not replace the valuable one-on-one interaction students and instructors have.