Student Tablet Computers

Congratulations on your acceptance to the ISU-UNL Veterinary Medicine program. Included in this email is information listed on this year's tablet system, information regarding wireless, the tablet warranty, and printing.

Faculty at ISU and UNL want to provide you the best education possible. They realize that information technology is an essential tool for veterinarians. Our faculty members are implementing valuable new teaching techniques and methods in the classroom. Some examples include:

  • Real time polling to gauge student learning in a lecture
  • Virtual microscopy allowing access to slides through the web
  • In class access to extensive online resources
  • Digital movies of procedures
  • Use of digital ink to take notes on instructors presentations
  • Access to classroom capture files for lecture review
  • Wireless in every classroom
  • Real time collaborative note sharing

The wealth of digital veterinary information and the advantages of portable computers combined with wireless networking have led us to conclude that these tools are an essential part of the veterinary education process. Therefore, all students entering the College of Veterinary Medicine are required to purchase a mobile computer through a college-negotiated bulk purchasing agreement. For the 4 years you are enrolled, the computer fee includes: 4-year warranty, external backup system, Microsoft® Office® 365 Subscription, on-site support, and tax for a total of $2,750.00.

Tablet Configuration

The tablet configuration is the same for every user; therefore, no ordering is needed. Below is the configuration of this year's system. This is an example of the fall 2024 configuration. This is reviewed each year to obtain the best model for our systems.

  • Apple iPad Pro 13” Standard Glass
  • 1.28 lbs
  • Apple M4 Processor
  • Ultra Retina XDR display with breakthrough tandem OLED technology.
  • WiFi 6E (802.11ax); Simultaneous dual band. Bluetooth 5.3
  • Video Conferencing Cam: 12MP; 1080 Vid Recording at 25, 30, or 60 fps
  • Rear Cam: 12MP Ultra Wide Cam: Video Up to 4K at 24, 25, 30, or 60 fps
  • Studio-quality four-mic array for calls, video recording, and audio recording
  • 256GB Storage
  • 20W USB-C Power Adapter
  • New Magic Aluminum Keyboard with Backlit Keys and Multi-touch track pad with haptic feedback
  • Apple Pencil Pro with haptic feedback
  • Can connect to Ethernet using a USB-C to Ethernet Adapter (Not Included)
  • 4 Year accidental AppleCare+
  • Up to two incidents of accidental damage protection per year, each subject to a service fee, plus applicable tax

Processing of Tablets

Tablets for Lincoln, NE students will be delivered directly to UNL. Once they are received, the UNL staff will process the tablets for distribution to UNL students. Tablets for Ames, IA students will be shipped to ISU and ISU staff will process the computers for distribution to students during fall orientation. Any questions or issues with initial tablet orders should be directed to Steven Kovarik at for resolution.

ISU and UNL students will have access to loaner computers should they experience any maintenance issues with their tablets. UNL and ISU desktop support staff will address maintenance issues for their respective students and will interact directly with computer vendor for repair services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to buy this specific computer model?

You may already own a computer or mobile device, leading you to wonder why you should be required to invest in a new one. We research and identify the best computer and system value that integrates with our learning systems to maximize your learning resources. We view your tablet computer as an essential piece of educational equipment; therefore, we are committed to ensuring that you are supported by the College IT help desk. Unfortunately, it would not be feasible to provide support for multiple computer makes and models.

How will I be charged for this computer? Will financial aid be available?

After you are admitted to veterinary school, a charge for the cost of the computer will be placed on your University Bill for the Fall Semester. As an entering VM student, the cost of the computer has already been factored into the financial aid award offer which you received in May. If you have questions about the financial aid award, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Why are computers only available to the students at orientation?

First, it takes our technical support staff several weeks to configure and operationally check all these computers. Second, these computers are purchased with university funds and ownership rests with the university until students sign a legal transfer of ownership document when they pick up their computers. By distributing the tablets at orientation our technical staff members can confirm with each student that they have received the equipment and that it is functioning properly, and should any issues arise they can generally be corrected on the spot. Third, the tablets are set up for operation with the network at each institution and the first time students log into their system it must be connected to the local network. Finally, the vendor will only ship computers to the universities and since we have students from all over the country, not all students are able to stop by and pick up their computers.

What about printing?

  • At ISU there are a number of printers (both color and black & white) available for students to use. In Ames, student computer fee funds are used to pay for the printers, paper and toner. Black & white printing is charged $0.05 and color printing is available for $0.10 per page. Each student will receive a $25.00 credit at the beginning of the school year for printing. Once this credit has been used up, printing charges will be applied to the student’s uBill. Questions about ISU printing can be found online

Will I have internet access?

  • At ISU, all major classrooms and many of the public spaces have high speed wireless access. All students can access the network and the internet through these connections.
  • At UNL virtually every building on both campuses in Lincoln is set up for wireless access. Information concerning wireless access at UNL East Campus can be found online.

Who should I contact for more information?

If you have any questions regarding the mobile computing initiative, please contact: