Proposal Preparation and Submission


Request for Pre-Award Support

You have a great idea and a team of researchers on-board.  What comes next?

1. Finalize your budget (2 weeks ahead of deadline)

Start with a template on the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration (OSPA) website or reach out to your departmental admin to assist with this.  If you're using an indirect cost rate that is less than the standard (53% for on-campus research), make sure OSPA and/or OIPTT (Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer) will accept the lower rate.

2. Start a Gold Sheet (1-2 weeks ahead of deadline)

The body of the proposal does not need to be ready to submit when starting a Gold Sheet.  For most proposals, OSPA will want to see the budget, budget justification, scope of work/specific aims, and the proposal guidelines attached to the Gold Sheet.  All investigators, lead departments, colleges, and institutes will need to approve these attachments before it reaches OSPA.  OSPA requires 4 days to review and approve.

3. Finalize the proposal application (after the Gold Sheet is submitted)

Many federal applications are found in Cayuse and will be submitted by OSPA when the Principal Investigator (PI) sends the approval to submit.  If the PI will be sending the proposal via email or sponsor website, the submission must wait until OSPA sends an approval notice.  Often this notice will include a signed document to include with the final submission.  Looking for a specific number, official address, or other ISU information?  Try this webpage.