Faculty Teaching Materials & Case Logs

Improving Teaching and Learning

How to write competencies and objectives (The college is creating a standardized database of what we teach, and when/where we teach it. We are communicating what we teach in terms of what we want the students to know when they finish each course. This 3 - page document explains how to write these competencies/objectives.)

Outcomes Assessment

Veterinary Medical Education has nine competencies that fall under accreditation Standard 11: Outcomes Assessment. This resource has the nine competencies listed along with an easy to follow table to connect course learning objectives to the different competencies along with how each objective is going to be taught and evaluated.

Assessment Matrix

The Assessment Matrix can help you determine the best assessment for the type of skill or outcome you are trying to assess. Each skill has an example outcome, appropriate assessment methods, and recommended feedback or assessment tool.

Association of American College and Universities (AACU) Rubrics

For those that are in need of a rubric for an assignment, AACU has many pre-made rubrics that can be used in the classroom or as a starting point for a new rubric. All rubrics were created by faculty experts representing colleges and universities across the United States.

Syllabus Checklist

There are many different items that need to go into a syllabus. CELT has created an easy to follow checklist to help you start creating your own course syllabus. It also includes Iowa State University recommended syllabus statements that you can copy and paste.