Sequential DVM/PhD Program

The student must be accepted into the ISU DVM program as a pre-requisite for acceptance into the sequential DVM/PhD program. The PhD degree is awarded through the ISU graduate college, therefore the Graduate College and the admissions committee of the PhD program in which the student will be pursuing their PhD degree will determine acceptance into the PhD program. The student can choose to pursue a PhD in several graduate programs within the college by identifying a PhD mentor who is working on a topic matched with the student interests who pledges funding to support the student financially throughout the PhD studies. A stipend, benefits, and tuition forgiveness will be provided by the PhD mentor during the PhD portion of the DVM/PhD program. To learn more about the PhD programs and faculty at the CVM, click from the list below:

Biomedical Sciences

Veterinary Microbiology and Preventive Medicine

Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine

Veterinary Pathology

There are 72 credits required to earn a PhD at ISU, which includes coursework and research credits. The course requirements will be determined by the specific program the student joins, and will be guided by the student’s Program of Study committee that is formed after acceptance into the program. For specific guidelines in each program, refer to the above links.