Steve Ensley

Education & Certifications  


Research Focus & Interests  

Drinking water quality, large animal veterinary toxicology



Selected Publications  

June Olds, E Burrough, D Madson, Steve Ensley, R Horst, B Janke, K Schwartz, G Stevenson, P Gauger, V Cooper, P Arruda, T Opriessnig. Clinical Investigation into Feed-Related Hypervitaminosis D in a Captive Flock of Budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulates): Morbidity, Mortalities and Pathologic Lesions. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine. 2015. 46(1).

Ma, R; Tian Zhang, Shannon Bartlet-Hunt, Young Qi, William Kranz, Daniel Snow, Terry Mader, Charles Shapiro, David Shelton, Simon van Donk, David Tarkalson, Steve Ensley. 2015.  Influence of Soil Properties and Test Conditions on Sorption and Desorption of Testosterone, Journal of Environmental Eng., 10.1061/(ASCE)EE. 1943-7870.0000937, 1-9.

Douglas Snider, D. Gardner, B Janke, Steven Ensley. 2015. A toxin-induced abortion outbreak in Nebraska cattle was confirmed to be caused by pine needle consumption following detection of tetrahydroagathic acid in fetal fluids using gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy.  Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation. Vol 27 (1) 74-79.

Arnold J, Madson DM, Ensley SM, Goff JP, Sparks C, Stevenson GW, Crenshaw T, Wang C, Horst RL. Survey of vitamin D status in swine using serum across different stages of production and an evaluation of supplemental bulk vitamin D premixes used in swine diets. Journal of Swine Health and Production. 23(1):28-34 2015.