Diagnostic Services

Our mission is to provide the highest quality diagnostic service to our veterinary teaching hospital and veterinarians in Iowa and throughout the Midwest.  The Department of Veterinary Pathology is committed to the land-grant missions of teaching, service and research.  We excel in meeting the diagnostic needs of all species for clinical pathology, histopathology, and parasitology.  Additionally, we have a focus area of excellence in companion animal diagnostics. Please contact us regarding policies. Also, this link is to our policy on Transfer and Disposition of Materials.




Access to Clinical Pathology and Histopathology Reports 


Clinical Pathology


 Histopathology Price 

  • Specimens from 1 organ or lesion - $58
  • GI Biopsy - $80
  • Specimens from 2-5 different organs or lesions - $80
  • Specimens from 6-12 different organs or lesions - $100
  • IHC Immunophenotyping for Lymphoma (B/T Cell) - $35

Dropping off Samples at ISU?

Please note that all entrances are locked at the Veterinary College except the doors to the Small and Large Animal Hospitals, VDL Submissions (downstairs lobby), and the doors that lead into Administration (by the Gentle Doctor statue).  The receptionists, at these locations, will call the Pathology Laboratory when you drop off a specimen, and we will be happy to pick up the package.  The Small Animal Hospital entrance should be used to submit pathology specimens during after-hours, on weekends or during holiday closures.

Download Submission Forms (For Veterinarian Use Only):

To Request Supplies Print Form and fax to: (515) 294-7730

The Department of Veterinary Pathology at Iowa State University will only release results to the DVM submitting the case (our client).
Written permission must be received from the DVM who submitted the case, for the Department of Pathology at ISU to release results to any other individual or client.