About the Department

Welcome to the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences. Our department focuses on the clinical aspects of issues dealing with companion animals and horses. There are over 44 veterinarians in this department, with appointments ranging from intern to full professor. Faculty members have specialty training, and the following disciplines are currently represented in the department: Radiology, Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Neurology, Dermatology, Small Animal Surgery, Small Animal Medicine, Ophthalmology, Equine Surgery, Equine Medicine, and Theriogenology (animal reproduction). Our Faculty members teach veterinary students in these disciplines throughout the curriculum, but most classroom teaching is concentrated in the second and third years. All of the veterinarians in the Department hold appointments in the Veterinary Medical Center (VMC) where they provide clinical service to animal owners and referring practitioners. Fourth year veterinary students spend much of their time in the VMC, working alongside the clinicians and residents, refining the clinical training which they started in the second and third years of the professional program.

Research in the Department reflects the various disciplines represented, and concentrates on problems relevant to the causes, diagnosis and treatment of problems affecting companion animals and horses. The department offers residencies in Equine Surgery, Small Animal Internal Medicine, Small Animal Surgery and Ophthalmology, Dermatology, and Radiology. We also offer an MS degree with a variety of emphases.

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Veterinary Clinical Sciences Department and the Veterinary Medical Center is to be strong academically, to provide outstanding services, and to conduct research in the multiple areas of Veterinary Clinical Sciences. 

Our goals are to teach students in the multiple disciplines of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, to provide excellent veterinary services to clients, and to generate and disseminate new knowledge in the areas of Veterinary Clinical Sciences. 

Our objectives are to provide a curriculum in the various aspects of Veterinary Clinical Sciences which insures students acquire the skills and knowledge to be successful in their chosen careers.  We also strive to maintain a caseload of sufficient size and diversity which insures a broad clinical experience for students, residents, and faculty.  In addition, we aim to provide clinical veterinary services of the highest standards to animal owners and to referring veterinarians.  And finally, we strive to provide an environment and opportunities which foster and encourage the generation and dissemination of new knowledge in many of the disciplines of Veterinary Clinical Sciences.

Governance Document

The Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences is governed by the established procedures described in our Governance Document.


The Veterinary Clinical Sciences Department is housed within the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center.