Assessment of Tonsillar Metastasis as Standard Staging Examination in Dogs with Primary Oral Tumors

Area of Study: 

Purpose of Study: 

AIM1: To evaluate the incidence of tonsillar metastasis by tonsillar biopsy and to assess the benefit of oropharyngeal examination as standard staging examination in dogs with primary oral malignant tumor.

AIM 2: To evaluate the impact of tonsillar metastasis in the treatment of dogs diagnosed with primary oral tumors.


Your dog may qualify if:

  • They have been diagnosed with primary oral (gingival) malignant tumor by histopathology
  • No other concurrent significant diseases
  • No known bleeding disorders
  • Has received no prior treatments other than surgical biopsy/surgical removal
  • They require a CT scan for treatment planning of their oral tumor
Client Responsibilities: 

If you agree to participate, the biopsy and CT scan will occur during the current visit only (no follow-up required). Your pet will undergo oropharyngeal examination and bilateral tonsillar biopsy under the same series of general anesthesia for CT scans as standard treatment plannings. Your pet will go home without hospitalization unless complications associated with anesthesia or tonsillar biopsy occurs.

Client Benefits: 

By participating in this study, several aspects of your dog's medical care will be provided at no cost to you (value of $1,500). 

  • CT scan
  • General anesthesia
  • Bilateral tonsillar biopsy procedure fee
  • Histopathology fee
  • Oral pain medications to go home after biopsy

You will continue to be responsible for all other costs associated with your dog's other diagnostics (blood work, chest x-rays +/- abdominal imaging, primary oral tumor biopsy and histopathology), treatments, examination fees, restaging, the treatment of any complications that may arise, and unrelated medical conditions.


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