Canine Intranasal Adenocarcinoma

Area of Study: 

Purpose of Study: 

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a new treatment to enhance response to radiation therapy for dogs with stage 3 and 4 intranasal adenocarcinoma.

  • Must weigh at least 11lbs.
  • Must have Stage 3 or Stage 4 Intranasal Adenocarcinoma.
  • Must not have metastatic disease.
  • Must not have tumor invading facial skin surface.
  • Must not have prior chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
Client Responsibilities: 

Your dog will be received 5 daily (Monday-Friday) fractions of palliative-intent radiation therapy, administered under general anesthesia, as this is the standard of care for canine nasal tumors. Prior to each radiation treatment, either the investigational treatment or a placebo will be administered intravenously. Your dog will be required to return to the clinic for a recheck appointment 4 weeks later. At week 13 post-treatment, a skull CT will be performed to evaluate the tumor response. Additionally, you will be requested to complete questionnaires regarding your dog's quality of life throughout the study.

Client Benefits: 

The study will cover up to $7,500 for the cost of IVP and treatment. An estimate of costs for which you will be responsible will be prepared for you at the time of admission.


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