Faculty Interests

Dr. Matthew Ellinwood works in the area of veterinary medical genetics. His interests involve identifying and characterizing veterinary medical genetics conditions. Current work focuses on neurodegenerative conditions as diverse as feline glaucoma and neuropathic lysosomal storage diseases. Work involves identifying disease gene mutations that may be of use to the dog and cat fancy community, understanding pathology, and development of animal models of human genetic disease. He works to develop therapies that can be used in fatal and untreatable human conditions. His research work involves preclinical assessment of treatment approaches to these diseases, and has incorporated collaborations within the department. Current and former extramural research collaborations include Harbor-UCLA, Institut Pasteur, Paris; and Children’s Nationwide Hospital, Columbus.

Another active area of investigation is the etiology and pathophysiology of chronic inflammatory bowel disease in dogs and cats. Dr. Al Jergens is working cooperatively with colleagues in other Departments of the College and with others at the University of Iowa. He is working both on spontaneously occurring inflammatory bowel disease and models in laboratory species.