Pilot Study of High-Dose Ascorbate Combined with Carboplatin for Canine Osteosarcoma (OSA)

Area of Study: 

Purpose of Study: 

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the difference in overall survival between dogs with bone cancer (osteosarcoma) treated with amputation and carboplatin, vs those treated with amputation, carboplatin, and high-dose vitamin C.


Your dog may qualify if:

  • He/she has been diagnosed with appendicular osteosarcoma
  • Has had an amputation
  • Has no evidence of disease spread based on chest x-rays
  • Is otherwise healthy
  • Has received no prior chemotherapy or immunotherapy
Client Responsibilities: 

If you agree to participate, your pet will be randomized to receive 4 doses of standard-of-care chemotherapy (IV carboplatin) or carboplatin plus IV high-dose vitamin C. Each dose is given 3 weeks apart.

All treatments must be completed at Iowa State University. Both the chemotherapy and the high-dose vitamin C are given IV into a vein in one of the legs. Patients will be monitored during the infusions with non-invasive blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and respiratory measurements. If your dog receives vitamin C, this is a 6-hour infusion. Therefore, appointments will take all day or potentially two days.

Blood work will be obtained prior to each treatment and will be required at one and two weeks following the first two treatments (this blood work does NOT need to be done at ISU). 

Client Benefits: 

By participating in this study, several aspects of your dog's medical care will be provided at no cost to you. 

If your dog is randomized to the vitamin C arm of the study, you will receive the IV vitamin C free of charge. In addition, all dogs enrolled (regardless of treatment regimen) will receive blood work prior to each dose of chemotherapy free of charge.

You will continue to be responsible for all other costs associated with your dog's treatment, including examination fees, restaging with chest x-rays as recommended, the treatment of any complications that may arise, and unrelated medical conditions.


Dr Meg Musser: 515-294-4900