Routine and Medical Services

Routine Services:

The hospital is equipped with tilt tables enabling thorough lameness examinations and foot work.

In addition, hydraulic chutes permit safe handling of cattle for castrations, dehorning, vaccinations, pregnancy diagnosis, physical examinations, and minor surgical procedures. We also have facilities to offer our "Calf Watch" program where our specialist and students house and deliver high risk pregnancies for our clients.

Advanced diagnostics available:

  • endoscopy
  • ultrasound
  • cardiology consultations
  • advanced imagining including CT and MRI
  • complete blood work

Services range from neonatal medicine (sick calves) to complete workup of complicated medical cases that have not been responsive to conventional therapies. 

Other services offered include:

  • assisted calvings
  • dystocia
  • artificial insemination
  • breeding soundness exams
  • infertility issues