Dr. Musser examining dog with student

Medical and Radiation Oncology

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer in your beloved dog or cat is upsetting, stressful, and scary. We are here to help. When you make an appointment with the ISU medical or radiation oncology service, you will be helped by a team of boarded oncologists, residents, interns, registered technicians, radiation therapists, and fourth-year veterinary students.

At your consultation appointment, we will confirm the medical history of your pet, the medications you are currently giving, and complete a physical examination; then your pet’s cancer will be discussed in detail. Additional tests recommended and treatment options will be presented in a compassionate, supportive environment. We will discuss testing and treatment options confidentially and without judgement to ensure you are comfortable with the plan prior to moving forward. A typical consultation appointment lasts anywhere from 1-2 hours to 1-2 days, depending on the tumor type, additional tests needed, and treatment elected.

We ask that all patients be fasted for their appointment (unless there is a medical reason why this is not possible, such as the animal is diabetic) to aid with sedation if needed, and interpretation of blood work.

Additional Information and Resources

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