Student Role

Student care

Under the direct guidance of the faculty/clinicians/staff, senior veterinary medical students assist with the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Each student is closely supervised by a veterinarian and technician in order to ensure that the student receives proper training and to provide the best possible care to patients.

Senior veterinary medical students are allowed the opportunity to learn the proper technique of a thorough dental cleaning and oral evaluation while being supervised by the attending veterinarian and technician.

All surgical, restorative and endodontic procedures are performed by the clinician of the Dentistry Service with the assistance of the senior veterinary medical students and technicians.

Animals who come to our medical center are valued patients and our students are attentive, compassionate caregivers. In addition to the long-term benefits of our teaching mission, the combination of highly trained veterinary specialists and senior students provide patients and their client/owners with the immediate benefit of extra attention and 24 hour care.