EZ-Ship Program

Easy ship program


In order to facilitate easier shipping, the ISU VDL is introducing the new  EZ-Ship program which will allow ISU VDL clients to generate and utilize printed UPS shipping labels in order to ship packages to the ISU VDL from anywhere in the contiguous United States. 

Generated directly from the ISU VDL Web Portal, these labels will come prepared with your return address and the ISU VDL shipping address. You will not be charged by the ISU VDL until the package is picked up by UPS for delivery. The shipping charges will be placed on the accession invoice (if more than 1 accession in box then charges will be split evenly).

EZ-Ship Steps:

  1. Order labels directly via the ISU VDL Web Portal (https://vdl.iastate.edu/portal/Tools/UPSLabel)  
  2. Print label(s) and affix to box(es)
  3. Drop off package at nearest UPS drop-off location (www.ups.com/dropoff)
    Give it to any UPS driver making a delivery or already scheduled pickup 
  4. Receive report and invoice as usual (accession invoice(s) will include shipping charges)

Key Features: 

  • Each label single use 
  • Shipping charges are included on the accession invoice 
  • Labels delivered electronically via PDF file


  • UPS Ground (typically overnight for locations originating in Iowa) 
  • UPS Next Day Air (guaranteed delivery by 3pm)
    • Saturday delivery additional charge
Method of Shipment Weight Category  Cost/box*
UPS Ground  Light    < 15 lbs  $10
  Medium 15-25 lbs $15
  Heavy     > 25 lbs $20
UPS Next Day Air Light    < 15 lbs $35
  Medium    15-25 lbs $45
  Heavy    > 25 lbs $65
Saturday Delivery Surcharge    $5





*The cost of each box will be split between the cases inside.

*Packages over 50lbs will be charged on an individual basis. The shipping costs of oversized boxes vary.

*Packages with a grossly incorrect label weight will be adjusted as necessary. (Example: Label says 15lbs but actual box weight is 45lbs.)


Please contact Dr. Katie Woodard (ISU VDL Client Services) at 515-294-1950 or isuvdl@iastate.edu if you have questions or concerns.