ISU CVM Courses

VDPAM 408/508. Poultry Diseases.
(Dual-listed with VDPAM 508). Cr. 2. Alt. S., offered even-numbered years.
Bacterial, viral, parasitic, and nutritional diseases of domestic poultry and gamebirds; biosecurity, immunization, and management procedures to prevent poultry diseases.

B M S 416/516. Avian Anatomy.
(Dual-listed with B M S 516). (1-2) Cr. 2. Alt. S., offered odd-numbered years. Prereq: One year college biology
Gross and microscopic anatomy of domestic, exotic, and pet birds.

V MPM 386. Veterinary Microbiology.
(3-5) Cr. 5. F. Prereq: Second-year classification in veterinary medicine
Bacteria and fungi of veterinary importance with emphasis on mechanisms of disease production and laboratory diagnostic procedures.