Small Ruminants

The small ruminant section of Food Supply Veterinary Medicine (FSVM)  is growing and expanding. We now offer a wide variety of services for both the veterinarian, as well as the producer. We are here to serve you. Please let us know how we can help or if there are additional needs not yet met through our current services.

Case Consultation

Do you have an interesting or puzzling case involving a small ruminant? We would love to talk with you and your veterinarian about it. We find that the most effective means of addressing complex cases is through developing a  team consisting of the producer, the local veterinarian, and our group. Since many of these cases involve follow-up testing, monitoring, or continued therapy, the local veterinarian plays an important role in facilitating these interventions. If needed we are also able to join the local veterinarian on a farm visit to collect additional information. Our goal is to provide your local veterinarian with the support necessary to provide the producer outstanding service.

Advanced Reproduction Services

We have recently expanded our clinical reproduction services. We are now offering artificial insemination and embryo transfer services. Currently, most procedures will be performed at Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Transcervical AI can be done on a farm call if there are more then 15 animals and it is within 120 miles of the veterinary school. Farm call will be charged based on round-trip mileage.

  • Artificial Insemination
    Artificial insemination provides a valuable means of introducing new genetics into a herd without the cost and biosecurity risk associated with introduction of new bucks or rams. For small-to-medium sized operations, the initial equipment cost can represent a significant financial burden. The goal of this service is to provide access to this valuable procedure at a reasonable cost to Iowa producers.  We are offering both transcervical and laparascopic artificial insemination. Currently, we are recommending laparoscopic procedures for all ewes, but transcervical procedures are generally recommended in most does.

  • Embryo Transfer
    Embryo Transfer allows us to increase the number of offspring from superior females. A superior female can be flushed multiple times in one breeding season and embryos can either be implanted into recipients or frozen for implantation at a later date.

  • Synchronization
    As part of our advanced reproduction services, we can consult with the producer and/or veterinarian in order to develop a synchronization protocol to ensure that the animals are properly prepared for the given procedures. 

Milk Quality Services

As the small ruminant dairy industry grows in Iowa and the surrounding areas, we have expanded our services to support the industry. We offer milk quality services such as consultation, milk cultures, as well as farm visits to work up the problem. We prefer to work with your veterinarian to help address milk quality issues that develop.

Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center

Our veterinary teaching hospital has recently expanded and has moved into a new, state-of-the-art large animal hospital. As always, the VMC is available for referral cases. In addition, the theriogenology service (reproduction) will continue to offer routine services (BSEs, semen collection and freezing, etc.) through the VMC.