Roy Schultz Award Opportunities

Roy Schultz Graduate Student Excellence Award. Offered at the upcoming International ISU Swine Conference.  The eligibility criteria include: VDPAM Graduate student status; selected abstract for oral presentation in national and international conferences; field-applicable research assisting veterinarians making decisions on swine health & productivity; work submitted to a peer-review scientific journal.  The practitioner's input would be 'heavily weighted' in the selection process.

  • Rubric: average score (1-10) provided by 3 practitioners and 2 researchers from the VDPAM Swine Medicine Section.
  • Award: The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place receives $1.3K, $750, and $450 respectively

Timeline: apply by September 19th, 2022:  submit one file including your CV and an application letter outlining the eligibility criteria. Awardees will be contacted by November 1, 2022.


Roy Schultz Graduate Student Scholarship Award.  Awarded once per year, the eligibility criteria include: Graduate students enrolled in the VDPAM graduate program, have had POSC established at least 1.5 years ahead of target defense date, GPA ≥ 3.5, have submitted at least one grant proposal, and published at least 1 peer-reviewed manuscript and one proceedings paper at a national or international conference. The rubric will consider evidence of grantsmanship and scholarship in their CV: number of papers, presentations, proceedings, grants, extension & outreach material.

  • Rubric:
    1. Abstracts published (including proceedings, National Hog Farmer, Pig333, other venues): co-author: 1pt, 1st author: 4 pts.
    2. Peer-reviewed paper submitted: co-author: 3 pts, 1st author: 10 pts.
    3. Grant proposal submitted: co-investigator: 3pts, major contribution as per major professor: 10 pts.
    4. GPA:10 pts for each decimal above 3.5. E.g. GPA 3.50 = 0 pt. GPA 3.60 = 10 pt, GPA 4.00 =50 pt.
  • Award: The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place receive $2.0K, $1.25K, and $750 respectively.
  • Timeline: apply by September 19th, 2022:  submit one consolidated file including your CV and an application letter outlining the eligibility criteria and your numbers listed in the rubric. Awardees will be contacted by November 1, 2022.

Travel Awards to Graduate Students presenting orally at a National or International Conference: cost-reimbursable, value up to $1.5K per year split into three $500 awards.

To apply for the Schultz Travel Award from VDPAM please send a statement with the following details:

  1. Conference Name & Date
  2. Brief description of research presentation at conference
  3. Major Professor, Degree & GPA
  4. Have you received travel grant previously?


  • Eligibility: VDPAM graduate student presenting work on swine population health & productivity.
  • Deadline: Flexible, 1st come-1st serve.

VDPAM Graduate Program Marketing award. ISU-wide award for staff, undergraduate, professional, or graduate students working on a marketing plan to elevate the profile of the VDPAM Graduate Program, targeting attracting qualified prospective domestic or international students.

  • Process and award: applicants should write up to 2 pages summary of a strategic marketing plan with low maintenance cost and high efficiency (i.e., sustainable in the long-run) to reach VDPAM prospective students. One award ($2K) will be given to the winner, who should commit at least one Summer semester (approx. 135 total hours) to further implement the proposed plan.
  • Timeline: apply by May 10th, 2022:  apply with a letter outlining your ideas.  Awardees will be contacted by May 20th, 2022

Roy Schultz seed grant on swine population health & productivity: Offer a 1:1 match for up to $10K on graduate student-led proposals (seed funds) to generate field-applicable data helping practitioners to make decisions to positively influence swine health, welfare, and productivity. Graduate students, Residents, and Postdoc Associates affiliated with VDPAM are encouraged to apply.

  • Rubric: average score (1-10) provided by 3 practitioners and the holder of the Roy Shultz Professorship.
  • Timeline: apply by May 27th, 2022:  submit your proposal following the template provided. Awardees will be contacted by June 15th , 2022.