ISU College of Veterinary Medicine Inducts New Veterinary Honor Society Members

Dr. Mandy Fales-Williams, College of Veterinary Medicine, (515) 294-7445,
Ms. Tracy Ann Raef, Veterinary Communications, (515 294-4602,

June 1, 2011

In a special reception held at Reiman Gardens, the Gamma Chapter of the Society of Phi Zeta at the College of Veterinary Medicine inducted 34 new members. Phi Zeta, the honor society of veterinary medicine, recognizes and promotes scholarship and research pertaining to the welfare and diseases of animals. When the Gamma Chapter of Phi Zeta was established at Iowa State in 1931, it was only the third such chapter in the nation. Today, there are 27 chapters.

Dr. Amanda Fales-Williams, president of the Gamma Chapter, welcomed the new initiates and guests, and explained its mission. Dr. Bailey Wilberts, vice president, gave a history of the society. “Initiation into Phi Zeta, the only honor society in the field of veterinary medicine, is an enormous accomplishment achieved by these students,” said Dr. Fales-Williams. “Membership in Phi Zeta is recognized throughout the professional as a mark of high scholastic achievement.”

Third-year veterinary students initiated into the society are: Jessica Katherine Baron, Ellen M. Bell, Kristina J. Hubbard, Stephanie J. Larson, Lindsey Leo, Jessica Maguire, Magdalene Peitzmeier, Clayton Riedell, Jamie J. M. Stoll, Shawn Thomas, Sarah Vitosh, Kristen L. Westergaard, and Kristyn White.

Fourth-year veterinary students initiated into the society are: Daniel Annin, Jenna Bjork, Gal Cohen-Chivvis, David Dykshorn, Jessica Heuss, Mackenzie Hellert, Drew Magstadt, Samantha Mazzucola, Emily Meyer, Kristen Obbink, Heather Patterson, Meredith Sherrill, Amanda Steffen, Rebecca Stock, Lindsey Sullivan, William Charles Whitehouse, and Colin M. Yoder.

Faculty and residents initiated into the society are: Drs. Cheryl L. Eia, Molly Murphy, and Valerie J. Parker.

Dr. Jared A. Danielson was inducted as an honorary member of the society.

Newly elected officers of the society are: President, Dr. Alex Ramirez; Ms. Kristina J. Hubbard, VM3, Vice President, and Dr. Matthew Ellinwood, Secretary-Treasurer.

The Society of Phi Zeta was established in 1925 by a group of senior veterinary students at Cornell University. Phi Zeta is the abbreviation for the Latin form of the Greek word, Philozoi, and means “love for animals.”