Dr. David Fell (far right) poses for a photo with his family at a Minnesota VMA conference. He and his wife, Barb (second from right), became sick with COVID-19 in mid-November last year. At one point, the staff at the Sanford USD Medical Center told Dr. Fell’s son, Brian (far left), and daughter, Liz (second from left), that they didn’t think he’d make it. Photo: courtesy of Dr. Fell

Lucky to be Alive

Dr. David Fell ('70)
David Fell and his wife, Barb, took precautions when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, not seeing family or friends and wearing masks if they went out, which was rare. But last November, Fell started to have symptoms of COVID and when his test results came back he was positive. By then, he couldn't even make it from his house to the car and eventually spent 104 days in the hospital before being released. "I'm just extremely grateful to the three hospitals and their staff for taking care of me," the former Minnesota VMA president said. "There was a time when they told my children they didn't think they could save me. Here I am. I'm feeling grateful and happy that I'm here."