Finding Her Passion

Dr. Jenna Funk (’15)
After working in Canada following graduation, Jenna Funk is moving back to the States to take a position with the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. An expert in beef cattle production, Funk will support fourth-year veterinary students who choose to participate in clinical rotations in western Texas. For Funk, the attraction came in the opportunity to help students find the same passion that she did as a student at Iowa State when she was exposed to real-world experiences. “What really appealed to me was the university’s drive to put students on the farms and in real-life situations,” she said. “The cooperation they have with the mixed animal practices down there and the relationships they’re building with the big commercial feedlots and the big commercial dairies, they’re really trying to give the students a real-world experience of what they’re going to run into when they get out into practice.”