COVID-19 Answer?

Dr. Larry Tilley (’69)
As a veterinarian, much of Larry Tilley’s work has centered around treating dogs and cats, but a pet project of his is medical research on humans, including what he believes is a breakthrough in addressing the COVID-19 crisis. “I know this is not a small statement. But we have discovered the answer to COVID-19,” said Tilley, who acknowledges that the work is still in the research stage and revolves around a theory that has not been proven. Tilley says epidemiological data suggests a link between COVID-19 and the Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccines developed decades ago. That’s backed up by research on immunization histories around the world showing that those who have received the MMR vaccine are less susceptible to COVID-19. It also provides answers as to why young people are less vulnerable, and why some people never test positive and others are asymptomatic.