The Checkout Veterinary Drive-Thru Wellness Clinic, is led by Director of Administrative Services Marty Greer, DVM, JD.

Drive-Thru Vets

Drs. Marty Greer & Dan Griffiths ('81)
A new veterinary wellness clinic in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, has been designed as a model of convenience to alleviate anxiety in pets and people. The Checkout Veterinary Drive-Thru Wellness Clinic is led by Marty Greer, a certified Fear Free behavior health veterinarian. The concept of driving into the bay area of the clinic and never needing to walk through rain or slip on ice with a wiggly pet or pulled over in a parking lot by a large dog was the brainchild of Greer and her husband and fellow veterinarian, Dan Griffiths. "It's the only wellness veterinary clinic of its type in the country," Greer said. "This is not an emergency animal hospital for sick or injured animals. It's the exact opposite. We developed the clinic to give pet owners convenient, easy access for keeping their pets health and up to date on immunizations and health concerns."