Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics

Dr. Mike Roof (PhD ’91)
Michael Roof has joined Iowa State to serve as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics research and innovation platform, which supports the state of Iowa’s biosciences-based economic growth initiative. In his role as CTO, Roof will lead efforts to identify and accelerate development of new technologies and innovations with strong commercial potential in the Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics platform. “I’ve spent my entire career focusing on the discovery and advancement of vaccines for disease prevention, so this is a dream opportunity to return to Iowa State to join a world-class team and contribute to this important Bioscience-focused initiative,” Roof said. “With this position’s link to the Nanovaccine Institute, I’m excited to help explore greater opportunities to leverage platforms at both Iowa State and the University of Iowa to create technologies that benefit both animal and human health.”