Lifelong Dream

Dr. Nena Winand ('86)
Nena Winand's first memory of horses is when her father took her to a program on breeding Percherons. "Right from the start I was totally captivated by horses," she said. "Unfortunately, we couldn't afford to own one, so my exposure to them was limited. I am sure my passion for rescuing horses today started as a result of my wishing and hoping for a horse every single Christmas. Unfortunately, my dream wouldn't become a reality until I was 42 years old." Today, Winand and her husband live in Groton, New York on a 15-acre farm. She owns 11 horses, has ridden and shown hunt seat and reining horses, and have a retired show horse. But it is harness racing that is her passion and Lady Mattgalane is her superstar harness racer.