Quite the Journey

Dr. Paul Snyder ('85)
Paul Snyder can trace his professional philosophy back to his college days. “I’ve always thought as my professional career as a journey,” he said. As an ISU vet med student, Snyder had his heart set on becoming a dairy veterinarian and he did just that after graduating in 1985. Yet his ambitions kept drifting back to a seed planted by a pair of veterinary pathology faculty. “They told me I really had a natural aptitude for pathology,” Snyder recalled. “They had a passion and enthusiasm for the profession that was infectious. I couldn’t get enough of the subject when I was a student and even as a practicing veterinarian. Today he is a board-certified veterinary pathologist who had a long career at Purdue University and now provides pathology-related services to the pharmaceutical and toxicological research community with EPL, Inc.