Farming Keeps Him Grounded

Dr. Rich Caves ('10)
Farming has always been a passion of Rich Caves. Growing up in Oskaloosa, Iowa, he assumed he would make a living on the farm. Things change though. “In high school I realized that full time farming wasn’t in my deck of cards, so I became interested in veterinary medicine,” said Caves. “I’ve always enjoyed livestock and working with farmers.” Even though a little less than half of the Osceola Veterinary Clinic’s patients are large animals, Caves says he has long had an emphasis as a large animal vet at the clinic where he is a partner. Today Caves and the clinic’s other three veterinarians split the patients evenly. But there was a time Caves and his business partner, Dr. Judy Little (’97) were the only doctors. Little handled all the small animal patients, while Caves took care of the large animal appointments.