DRS Photography

A Single Minded Focus

Dr. Sherry Johnson ('12)
Once Sherry Johnson sets her mind to something it’s pretty much a done deal. “My husband says I have a ‘single-minded focus,’” Johnson says. “I find my niche and I stick to it. I focus solely on that.” Johnson has been that way all her life. From her first day in vet school, Johnson knew what type of veterinarian she wanted to be. “My goal was to do rehab on horses,” she said. “I have never wavered from that. I streamlined my experiences with the goal to make the very best connections I could with people at the very highest levels in this field.” Johnson is the partner and co-founder of two businesses – Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation and Equine CORE, Inc., the nation’s first equine-focused, specialist-owned and operated tele-rehabilitation service. “This is what I want to do,” she said. “I love working with horses, particularly Western performance horses at the high end of their athletic career.”