Varied Duties

Dr. Tracy Hadenfeldt ('10)
In addition to owning the St. Paul Veterinary Clinic in St. Paul, Nebraska, Tracy Hadenfeldt is a mother of two children and a farmer. She has about 35 cows on a farm her dad and brother operate. "Outside of my family, I'm a veterinarian first because that is my true job," Hadenfeldt said. "I do help my dad and brother on the family farm where I own about 10% of the herd. That keeps me plenty busy between them, my kids and job. I am very blessed that my brother and dad take care of my cows when I'm working. But they also get a pretty good deal with having a vet on call 24/7." The St. Paul Veterinary Clinic is a mixed animal practice, although Hadenfeldt says she spends about 70% of her time doing large animal work. "I prefer the large animal side of veterinary medicine just due to the fact it is what Im used to familiar with," she said.