Carrie A Berg

Associate Teaching Professor of Biomedical Sciences
Patterson Hall



Basset hounds, Cats, Golf, Video Games, Exercise (CVM Thrive), Geodes and Architecture 



  • 2015  Development and validation of an organotypic brain slice model for studying chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Berg C.A., Ghaisas S., Kondru N.C., Jin h., Anantharam V., Kanthasamy A., Kanthasamy A.G. Society for Neuroscience, Chicago, II USA
Education & Certifications  
  • 2004  Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University, College of Veterinary Medicine 
  • 1999  Bachelor of Science, Animal Science, Iowa State University, College of Agriculture

Fall Semester

  • 2018-Current  BMS 333: BMS I Labs
  • 2013-Current BMS 538: Principles of Physiology- Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology 
  • 2018-2020  LAS 103D: Sky's the Limit Learning Community, Helping People: Healthcare Career Spectrum
  • 2017  BMS 547: Principles of Anatomy, Human Cadaver Labs 
  • 2016  BMS 547: Principles of Anatomy, Instructor in Charge- Dog Anatomy Labs
  • 2013-2015  BMS 547: Principles of Anatomy- Dog Anatomy Labs 

Spring Semester

  • 2020-Current BMS 334: Digestive Histology and Physiology, Reproductive Histology Lectures/Labs 
  • 2017-2019  BMS 334: BMS II Labs, Reproductive Histology Lectures and Labs 
  • 2015-2017  BMS 334: Respiratory Physiology Lectures
  • 2014-2019  BMS 502: Cardiovascular/Respiratory Physiology Lab 


  • 2021-Current  SAVMA Health and Wellness Faculty Advisor 
  • 2020-2024  SAVMA Faculty Advisor 
  • 2018-Current  CVM Spectrum Faculty Advisor 
  • 2013- Current  CVM Academic Advisor 

CVM Committees 

  • 2021-Current  Student Faculty Relations 
  • 2019-Current  Diversity Equity and Inclusion 

Professional Memberships

  • 2004-Current  American Veterinary Medical Association 
  • 2015-Current  Iowa Veterinary Medical Association 
Selected Publications  


  • 2017  Theoretical engineering of the gut microbiome for the purpose of creating super soldiers. Schmidt-McCormack G.R., Feye K.M., Acharya S., Mlynarczyk G., Anderson S.J., Izbicki P., Molovic E., KC L., Smith J.S., Jefferson M.A., Nakama A., Santana K.D., Kondru N.C., Kleinhenz M.D., Tipton J.G., Choudhary S., Kokemuller R.D., Manne S., Putra M.R., Massey N., Shrestha D., Lou D., Sharma S., Jaisil P., Berg C.A., and Carlson S.A. Journal of Research & Reviews: Journal of Medical and Health Sciences. e-ISSN:2319-9865


  • 2016  Off-target drug effects resulting in altered gene expression events with epigenetic and "quasi-epigenetic" origins. Anderson S.J., Feye K.M., Schmidt-McCormack G.R., Malovic E., Mlynarczyk G., Izbicki P., Arnold L.F., Jefferson M.A., De la Rosa B.M., Wehrman R.F., KC L., Hu H.Z., Kondru N.C., Kleinhenz M.D., Smith J.S., Manne S., Putra M.R., Choudhary S., Massey N., Lou D., Berg C.A., Acharya S., Sharma S., Kanuri S.H., Lange J.K., and Carlson S.A. Journal of Pharmacological Research. 10:e2016.03.028 Link


  • 2015  Genetic diseases conferring resistance to infectious diseases. Withrock I.C., Anderson S.J., Jefferson M.A., McCormack G.R., Mlynarczyk G., Nakama A., Lange J.K., Berg C.A., Acharya S., Stock M.L., Lind M.S., KC L., Kondru N.C., Manne S., Patel B.B., de la Rosa B.M., Huang K.P., Sharma S., Hu H.Z., Kanuri S.H., and Carlson S.A. Journal of Genes and Diseases. 10:e2015.02.008. Link


  • 2014  Salmonella as a biological "trojan horse" for neoplasia: past successes and future possibilities including brain cancer. Mlynarczyk G.S., Berg C.A., Withrock I.C., Fick M.E., Anderson S.J., Laboissonniere L.A., Jefferson M.A., Brewer M.T., Stock M.L., Lange L.K., KC L., Acharya S., Kanuri S., Sharma S., Kondru N.C., McCormack G.R., and Carlson S.A. Journal of Medical Hypotheses. 10:e2014.06.009. Link


  • 2013  Drugs affecting peripheral nervous system. Hsu W., Berg C.A. Handbook of Veterinary Pharmacology, 2nd ed. Link


  • 2013  Behavior-modifying drugs. Kanthasamy A., Hsu W., and Berg C.A. Handbook fo Veterinary Pharmacology, 2nd ed. Link