Terry Engelken

Education & Certifications  

BS, Kansas State University (1986)
DVM, Kansas State University (1987)
Residency Certificate, Kansas State University (1991)
MS, Kansas State University (1994)


VDPAM 436A - Beef Records Analysis: Introduction
VDPAM 436B - Beef Records Analysis: Herd Management
VDPAM 436C - Beef Records Analysis: Cow/Calf Preventive Medicine
VDPAM 481 - Advanced Cow/Calf Production Medicine
VDPAM 482 - Applied Beef Production Medicine Preceptorship
VDPAM 483 - Beef Production Medicine

VDPAM 309 - Introduction to Production Animal Informatics
VDPAM 445 - Production Animal Clinical Medicine
VDPAM 476 - Food Animal and Camelid Field Service

Beef Production Immersive Knowledge Experience (B-PIKE) Program

Research Focus & Interests  

Applied, field based studies that deal with beef production medicine.

Replacement heifer development
Feedlot receiving programs
Feedlot parasite control in “indoor” cattle
Bovine respiratory disease in feedlot and suckling beef calves
Causes and mechanism for the development of antibiotic resistance in the feedyard
The effect of pain mitigation on feedlot performance
The economics of beef production

Honors & Awards  

Promotion and Tenure (Associate Professor) – 1996 (Mississippi State University)
Promotion to Full Professor – 2005 (Mississippi State University)
Dr. William O. Reece Award for Outstanding Academic Advising (2012) – ISU CVM


Academy of Veterinary Consultants:
Director, representing Eastern States, 2005-08.
Director, representing Eastern States, 1996-99.
Public Relations/Corporate Sponsorship Committee member, 1996-97.
Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Alliances member, 1996-97.
Nominating Committee member, 1997-99.
Program Committee member, 1999-01.
Nominating Committee member, 2000-15.
Membership Committee member, 2005-15.
Cattle Health and Well Being Committee 2007-15.

American Association of Bovine Practitioners:
Chairman, Membership Committee, 1998-00.
Membership Committee, 2001-03.
Animal Welfare Committee (ex officio), 2008-11.
Editorial Review Board; Bov Practitioner 2012-15.

Iowa Veterinary Medical Association:
Bovine Committee, 2007-15.
Animal Welfare Committee, 2007-10.
Executive Board Member (District 10) 2009-12.

Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association:
Animal Health Committee Chair, 2002-05.

North American Veterinary Conference:
Beef Program Chair, 2000-02.


Iowa VMA
Kansas VMA
Academy of Veterinary Consultants
American Association of Bovine Practitioners
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
Iowa Cattlemen’s Association

Selected Publications  

Google Scholar Page

Engelken TJ:  Preventative Programs for Respiratory Disease in Cow-calf Operations.  In, Veterinary Clinics of North America: Food Animal Practice.  St. Jean, J Vestweber, eds. WB Saunders Co., 13(3):647-660; 1997.

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Boyd M, Bowers AM, Engelken TJ, Bryson WL, Moseley WM:  Feed intake response of feedlot cattle following single dose treatment of ceftiofur crystalline free acid sterile suspension or florfenicol.  Bovine Practitioner 40(1):46-50; 2006

Step DL, Engelken TJ, Romano CL, Krehbiel C, Holland B, Bryson WL, Tucker CM, Robb EJ.  Evaluating three antimicrobial regimens used as metaphylaxis in stocker calves at high risk of developing bovine respiratory disease.  Veterinary Therapeutics  8(2):136-147; 2007.

Wikse SE, Rogers GM, Ramachandran S, Engelken TJ, et al.  2007.  Herd prevalence and risk factors of Leptospria infection in beef cow/calf operations in the United States: Leptospira borgpetersenii serovar Hardjo.  Bovine Practitioner 41(1):15-23.  

Funk L., O’Connor A.M., Maroney M., Engelken T.J., Cooper V.L., Kinyon J., Plummer P.  2009.  A randomized and blinded filed trial to assess the efficacy of an autogenous vaccine to prevent naturally occurring infectious bovine keratoconjunctivis (IBK) in beef calves.  Vaccine 27:4585-4590.

O’Connor A, Gould S, Brace S, Dewell R, Engelken TJ.  A randomized clinical trial evaluating a farm-of-origin autogenous M. bovis vaccine to control Infectious Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis in beef cattle.  J Vet Internal Med 25(6):1447-1453; 2011.

Woolums A, Berghaus R, Smith DR, White B, Engelken TJ, Irsik M, Matlick D, Jones L, Ellis R, Smith I, Mason G, Waggoner E.  A producer survey of herd-level risk factors for nursing beef calf respiratory disease.  JAVMA 243:538-547; 2013.