June Elizabeth Olds

DVM, Diplomate ACZM
Clinical Assistant Professor
1579 Lloyd
Education & Certifications  

University of Northern Iowa

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University


Guest Lecturer


"Introduction to Zoo Animal Medicine", 3 hrs. February 2010

Iowa State University CVM, Exotic Animal Elective Course


"A Zoo Perspective in Public Health", 1 hr. February 2009, March 2010, March 2011

Iowa State University CVM, VMPM 388 Public Health


"Careers in Veterinary Medicine & Zoos", 1 hr. November 2008, April 2009

Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department

of Natural Resource Ecology and Management, NREM 211 Careers in Natural Resources.


Invited Speaker


"Veterinary Medicine, Zoo Animal Medicine & Other Zoo Opportunities"

Iowa State University, Animal Science Peer Mentor/Mentee Group, November 30, 2010


"Careers in Veterinary Medicine & Zoos", Extended Learning Program, Waukee Elementary,

April 29, 2009


"Veterinary Medicine in Zoos and Aquariums", Iowa State University CVM, Zoo,

Exotic & Wildlife Club Meeting, September 25, 2009


"Exotic Feline Medicine", Iowa State University CVM Joint Meeting: Student Feline

Club & Zoo, Exotic Wildlife Club, November 3, 2008


"Veterinary and Zoo Medicine", Drake University Biology Careers Seminar, April 2008


"Behavior Training in Zoos", Iowa State University CVM, Joint Meeting: Student Zoo,

Exotic & Wildlife Club & Behavior Club, November 15, 2007


"Zoo Reproduction", Iowa State University CVM, Joint Meeting: Zoo, Exotic & Wildlife Club, and Theriogenology Club, April 19, 2007




Research Focus & Interests  

Clinical Management of Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency in an Amur Tiger (Panthera tigris) using fresh-frozen porcine pancreas as opposed to commercially prepared pancreatic enzyme supplements.


Clinical Management of Chronic Degenerative Joint Disease and Osteoarthrosis intwo African Lions (Panthera leo) using Glucosamine-Chondrotin supplements and low-dose Meloxicam therapy.


Seroprevalence of Non-Human Primate Viruses in a Closed Colony of Japanese Macaques (Macaca fuscata).


Clinical Management of Diabetes Mellitus in two Golden-headed Tamarins (Leontopithecus chrysomelas) with Oral Pioglitazone and Dietary Manipulation.


Prevalence of Zoonotic Diseases & Causes of Morbidity and Mortality in a Free-Contract Budgerigar Feeding Aviary.


Greater Des Moines Veterinary Association (GDVMA)

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)

Iowa Veterinary Medical Association (IVMA)

American Association of Zoo Veterinarians (AAZV)

Selected Publications  

Olds, J.; Lehmkuhl, A.; Fales-Williams, A., "Cutaneous Lymphosarcoma in an Egyptian Fruit Bat (Rousettus aegyptiacus)" (Poster) American Association of Zoo Veterinarians Annual Conference Proceedings, October 2009


Colitz, C.; Renner, M.; Manire, C.; Doescher, B.; Schmitt, T.; Osborn, S.; Croft, L.; Olds, J.; Gehring, E.; Mergl, J.; Tuttle, A.; Sutherland-Smith, M.; Rudnick, J.; "Characterization of progressive keratitis in Otariids", Veterinary Ophthalmology 2010


Book Review: The Secret Life of Tigers, 2nd Edition in: Journal Zoo & Wildlife Medicine 41(4): 749, 2010