Josh Beck

Assistant Professor
2086 Patterson Hall
Education & Certifications  
  • PhD, Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, 2012, University of California, Los Angeles
  • BS, Microbiology and Biochemistry, 2004, Iowa State University
  • 2017-present, BMS 443/543: Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Selected Publications  

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Selected publications (* indicates equal contribution)

1. Spillman NJ, Beck JR, Ganesan SM, Niles JC, Goldberg DE. (2017) The chaperonin TRiC forms an oligomeric complex in the malaria parasite cytosol. Cell Microbiol. Jan 9. DOI: 10.1111/cmi.12719. PMID: 28067475

2. Gold DA, Kaplan AD, Lis A, Bett GC, Rosowski EE, Cirelli KM, Bougdour A, Sidik SM, Beck JR, et al. (2015) The Toxoplasma dense granule proteins GRA17 & GRA23 mediate the movement of small molecules between the host & the parasitophorous vacuole. Cell Host Microbe. May 13;17(5):642-652. PMID: 25974303

3. Spillman NJ*, Beck JR*, Goldberg DE. (2015) Protein export into malaria parasite- infected erythrocytes: mechanisms & functional consequences (review). Annu Rev Biochem 84:14.1–14.29. PMID: 25621510

4. Beck JR*, Muralidharan V*, Oksman A, Goldberg DE. (2014) PTEX component HSP101 mediates export of diverse malaria effector proteins into host erythrocytes. Nature 511: 592-595. PMCID: PMC4130291

5. Tonkin ML, Beck JR, Bradley PJ, Boulanger MJ. (2014) The inner membrane complex sub-compartment proteins critical for replication of the apicomplexan parasite Toxoplasma gondii adopt a Pleckstrin homology fold. J Biol Chem 289: 13962-13973. PMCID: PMC4022867

6. Beck JR, Chen AL, Kim EW, Bradley PJ. (2014) RON5 is critical for organization and function of the Toxoplasma moving junction complex. PLoS Pathog 10(3): e1004025. PMCID: PMC3961375

7. Child MA, Hall CI, Beck JR, Ofori L, Albrow VE, Garland M, Bowyer PW, Bradley PJ, Powers JC, Boothroyd JC, Weerapana E & Bogyo M. (2013) Small-molecule inhibition of a depalmitoylase enhances Toxoplasma host-cell invasion. Nat Chem Biol 2013 Aug 11:651-656. PMCID: PMC3832678

8. De Leon JC, Scheumann N, Beatty W, Beck JR, Tran JQ, Yau C, Bradley PJ, Gull K, Wickstead B & Morrissette NS. (2013) A SAS-6-Like Protein Suggests that the Toxoplasma Conoid Complex Evolved from Flagellar Components. Eukaryot Cell Jul;12(7):1009-19. PMCID: PMC3697468

9. Beck JR, Fung C, Straub KW, Coppens I, Vashisht AA, et al. (2013) A Toxoplasma Palmitoyl Acyl Transferase and the Palmitoylated Armadillo Repeat Protein TgARO Govern Apical Rhoptry Tethering and Reveal a Critical Role for the Rhoptries in Host Cell Invasion but Not Egress. PLoS Pathog 9(2): e1003162. PMCID: PMC3567180

10. Tonkin M, Brown S, Beck JR, Bradley PJ and Boulanger M. (2012) Purification, crystallization, and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of Inner Membrane Complex (IMC) Sub-compartment Protein 1 (ISP1) from Toxoplasma gondii. Acta Crystallogr Sect F. 2012 Jul 1;68(Pt 7):832-4. PMCID: PMC3388934

11. Fung C*, Beck JR*, Robertson SD, Gubbels M & Bradley PJ. (2012) Toxoplasma ISP4 is a central IMC sub-compartment protein whose localization depends on palmitoylation but not myristoylation. Mol Biochem Parasitol 2012 Aug;184(2):99-108.

12. Anderson-White B, Beck JR, Chen C, Meissner M, Bradley PJ & Gubbels M. (2012) Cytoskeleton assembly in Toxoplasma gondii cell division (review). Int Rev Cell Mol Biol 2012; 298:1-31. PMCID: PMC4066374

13. Beck JR, Rodriguez-Fernandez IA, Cruz de Leon J, Huynh M-H, Carruthers VB, et al. (2010) A novel family of Toxoplasma IMC proteins displays a hierarchical organization and functions in coordinating parasite division. PLoS Pathog 6(9): e1001094.

14. Rome ME, Beck JR, Turetzky JM, Webster P, Bradley PJ. (2008) Intervacuolar transport and unique topology of GRA14, a novel dense granule protein in Toxoplasma gondii. Infect Immun 76 (11): 4865-75. PMCID: PMC2573327