Class 2010

They came from Alabama, Massachusetts, California and New Jersey. Most were Midwesterners that made the journey from their Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota hometowns to Ames to study at Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

When the Class of 2010 first started classes in the fall of 2006, there were 120 in their class. Almost 80% were female. Their average age was 23 years. Most were coming directly from their undergraduate institutions.

Four years later the class had grown to 121 students and after graduation, like all graduating classes, they went their separate ways. Well, not all of them. Some married classmates. Others now work together.

A decade later, the Class of 2010 is spread around the globe working in a wide variety of careers in the veterinary profession.

What follows is a snapshot at where the Class of 2010 has gone and the amazing things they are doing in their communities – whether a large metropolitan area like Los Angeles or tiny Eldora, Iowa.

Each has made their mark. These are their stories.

Check back periodically as we continue to add to these stories. If you are a member of the Class of 2010 and would like to be included or have contact information on a class member not included please contact Dave Gieseke at

Alyse Aerts
Brenda Arens Reed
Michelle Bader
Dr. Jordan and Dr. Tammy Heerkens standing on the beach in Hawaii
Jordan Bader
Kristin Baumgartner Gentile
Dianne Beal
Kim Bebar
Scott Beeman
Eric Behlke
Joe Bender
Sarah Benson
Stephanie Blackstone
Rich Caves
Kari Christianson
Brian Collins
Dr. Hayley Danson
Hayley Danson
Pam Dinslage
Tyler Dohlman
Dr. Claire Hotvet
Claire Dorniden Hotvet
Lesha Eggers Dawson
Jessie Evoniuk
Ryan & Jacci (Hermansen) Fedeler
David Gibbs
Caitlyn Glick
Tracy Hadenfeldt
Tomika Haller
Adam Hansen
Troy Worth & Nicole Hanson Hendricks
Elizabeth Harriman Hill
Sandi Hayek
Melissa Hensch
Pat and Kate (Baker) Hoffmann
Stephanie Holloway
Carrie Jenkins
Meredith Johns
Karla Juhl
Allison Kiser
Raven Klone
Amanda Kress
Denise Larochelle
Jeri Lurz
Kimberly McCreedy
Nichole Meisch-Holubar
Cody Mingus
Meredith Murphy Pieper
Dr. Kendra O'Connor
Kendra O'Connor
Heather Osnes
Lori Painter Jones
Katherine Polak
Glen Ringenberg
Magda Rosol
Andrew Saathoff
Jen Scaccianoce
Nathan Schmidt
Katie Spaulding
Hayley Springer
Tricia Tai
Dr. Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor
Laura Tonkin Van Vertloo
Mary Krakowski Volker
Seth Vredenburg
Christina Wagner
Kelly Wathen Keymer
Carrie Wheeler
Troy Worth & Nicole Hanson Hendricks
Gavin Yager
Michelle Zanol