Outstanding Mentor

Dr. Doug Quam (’89)
When Caitlin Knutson learned of a new award offered by the Veterinary Medical Alumni Association (VMAA) she immediately knew whom to nominate. “I’ve known Dr. Quam my entire life,” the second-year veterinary student said. “He has been our family veterinarian ever since he started working in our local vet clinic.” Dr. Doug Quam is the inaugural recipient of the Outstanding Mentor Award from the VMAA. The award recognizes an Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine graduate who has encouraged and supported one or more students of veterinary medicine in their personal and professional development. “Not only is Dr. Quam a great veterinarian and community member, but also a great mentor to me and other Iowa State students,” Knutson said. “He is very willing to talk about any topic and answer any questions I have, let me observe a lot of procedures, and helps me build up my hands-on experience to prepare me for veterinary school.”