At Home in South Dakota

Dr. Heather Osnes ('10)
“I always love the cases we see when the patient comes in just completely a wreck, and the owners are just sure they won’t be taking the home, but we work our magic and the patients heal,” Heather Osnes said. One such case that stands out occurred at the Oahe Veterinary Clinic in Fort Pierre, South Dakota, the clinic Osnes joined after graduating. When the owner called to say his German Shepherd was in bad shape, Osnes knew things were serious. “The owner had to leave town for 48 hours and he told me to treat his dog as if it were my dog and do anything that was needed to make him well,” Osnes recalled. “When he walked out of the door of the clinic, he basically told the dog ‘good-bye’ for what he thought was the last time.” Over the next two days, Osnes treated the German Shepherd like it was her pet and the dog’s condition improved. When the owner returned, Osnes was there to meet him. “The owner literally walked into the front door, hit his knees and started sobbing as this 100-pound German Shepherd met him at the door with his tail wagging and kisses ready for his owner,” Osnes said. “These are the cases that make it worth it.”