Life-Saving Gift

horse wearing medical equipment

Many gifts to the Forever True, For Iowa State fundraising campaign have the capability of becoming life-changing for scholarship recipients, named professors and others.

Few, if any, gifts to the Iowa State campaign can be said to be life-saving. That is except for a $153,000 grant from the Fullgraf Foundation which was used to purchase much-needed equipment for the equine surgery section including a fluoroscopy unit (C-arm), an imaging modality that uses X-rays to produce a real-time image of anatomy.

Dr. Kevin Kersh, clinical associate professor of veterinary clinical sciences, said that since it was purchased, the fluoroscopy unit has been used to repair five fractures as well as to place coils into major vessels to prevent life threatening hemorrhages.

“These cases would have resulted in death or euthanasia if it were not for the equipment we were able to purchase with this donation,” Kersh said. 

The grant also provided for the purchase of additional equipment for the equine surgery unit including a locking compression plate and a videoendoscopy unit. In particular, the endoscope has proven invaluable to the equine surgery unit.

“We have utilized the endoscope to get a definitive diagnosis in multiple cases that other diagnostic modalities were not able to provide,” Kersh said. 

The new equipment has not only proven to be lifesaving, but instructive as well. Veterinary students, as well as equine interns and residents, were provided new learning opportunities.

“They are now able to see the benefits of advanced equipment to achieve a proper diagnosis as well as participating in surgery and experiencing the capabilities afforded by high quality fluoroscopy,” Kersh said.